Extraordinary yoga retreats with a unique focus on SEVA
and sacred sites in conscious community.

Join us on a yoga adventure that embodies the spirit of Hanuman.
Work with children, families and communities in need while experiencing the local traditions,
culture and sacred sites of our host country.

Yoga in Paradise
Begin each day with a deep vinyasa practice. Breathe the prana of paradise and rejuvenate in nature away from the demands of your life. Most days will include an afternoon/evening nourishing and restorative practice to integrate our day’s journey.

SEVA (service)

Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Our humanitarian projects will help local populations in real need and offer us first hand experience of local culture. You will leave transformed, with a renewed sense of joy for humanity.

Sacred Sites

Visit sacred sites and explore the rich culture of our host country in the devotional spirit of Hanuman. Experience the sacred mountains, shrines, temples and power centers of the locations we visit. Participate in local ceremonies and cultural activities.


Upcoming Adventures

BEACHSIDE IN BALI March 21-28, 2020

Get ready for an epic adventure to the blissful island of Bali, Indonesia. Immerse yourself in a 7 day retreat with Hanuman Festival founder, Yoshi Aono, Katie Wise and Monica Mesa Dasi. Join in on a rejuvenating beachside experience to inspire your soul. 

As an intimate community we will sing with Katie Wise + Bhakti Explosion, practice yoga with Monica Mesa Dasi, visit sacred sites, attend ceremonies, and Yoshi Aono will set the stage for meaningful service excursions!

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What Adventurers are saying:

I saw the ad for Hanuman Adventures in Bali in my Facebook feed and something in my heart told me I had to be there. “Whatever it takes.” Said the whisper. And now I know why. Hanuman adventures was one of the most transformative journeys of my life. I laughed. I cried. I broke down. I broke through…and I learned about the beautiful balancing act of self-care and sacred service. The law of reciprocity is potent. Love happened…and I’m curious to see what magic transpires from our time in Indonesia. I’m forever grateful for Dayna and Yoshi’s ninja space holding skills that allowed me to have a container to thrive in. Thank you is my mantra for this experience.  I will never be the same.” – S.S.
This trip was even far better than I imagined. Yoshi and Dayna were amazing facilitators and the structure and communication with everything was stellar, they held so much integrity which is very important to me! Our group was the perfect size for me and the blend of philanthropy, adventure, yoga, dance, ocean, the sacred, music and connection couldn’t have been better. It was one of the best international trips I’ve ever had and I LOVE to travel! ” – J.J.
Dayna & Yoshi at Hanuman Adventures are amazing humans and organizers! The balance of self renewal through yoga, meditation, & chanting with offering service/seva for the local community was perfection. I felt completely nourished, inspired, and well guided. They held an open and safe space for everyone to express their creativity and kindness. Yes…I would go again in a heart beat! YES!!!

Love happened in every way. I am forever changed…and still changing. Our time together was magic, healing…transformational. Thank you for doing such important and compassionate work in this world…making it & us better & better. THANK YOU!!! Jai Hanuman! <3” – A.B.